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Equity investments with ethical, social and ecological objectives in line with economic investment principles 


Our claim as an independent investment advisor

Multi-perspective in the analysis of listed companies with regard to their sustainability



Across its investment spectrum, Ethius Invest Switzerland pursues the value of a consistent sustainable approach. When selecting companies, a multi-dimensional view of non-financial data is used to determine whether, as part of their core business, these companies are actively making a substantial contribution to dealing with the global challenges identified by the United Nations in 2015 as SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)


Our valuation and selection of listed companies is based on cultural, natural and social compatibility criteria; because we believe that sustainable investments contribute to sustainable development. Sustainable development - in the words of the Brundtland report - means that we will have the option of shaping lives for future generations. 

How we work

Precise investment goals and the pursuit of values with exclusions and impact goals.  

Our 3-step method for the selection of suitable companies that make up the composition of a sustainable equity portfolio.  


Exclusion criteria
(Negative Selection)

Strict exclusion criteria ensures that certain sectors, as well as explicit companies whose activities lead to high disadvantages for the environment and society, are excluded (because they are associated with controversial business areas, such as nuclear weapons, tobacco and others). Companies are also excluded that do not comply with the sustainability criteria of the United Nations, which are presented in the  ‘United Nations Global Compact’ initiative. 

Impact goals

(Positive Selection)

Positive selection criteria can be applied to companies that make a demonstrably measurable contribution in the transition to a sustainable economy. This selection is based on economic criteria (such as long-term production and investment strategies, substance maintenance), ecological criteria (such as resource productivity, renewable resources, circular economy, functionality of ecosystems) as well as social criteria (such as development of human capital, social capital and cultural capital).

Testing qualitative and quantitative minimum standards

In the third step, the companies that have been considered through a positive and negative "screening" for investments, are checked whether they meet our internal minimum standards for allocation. Within this framework, there is another qualitative consideration of the "impact", with special attention to the transformation performance and the check against the minimum standards of the market capitalisation of the respective company.



About us

Ethius Invest is an independent asset manager for conscious private and institutional investors.

We are an interdisciplinary team with many years of experience in the area of sustainability, financial services and especially in portfolio and risk management, as well as in private banking.

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Sustainability Management

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