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Ethical-sustainable investments


Ethius Invest Switzerland is a financial services company and initiator of the Ethius Global Impact Fund. 

Our investment philosophy is based on a consistent approach to sustainability. Our investment methodology draws on the „Global Challenges Index“, which enjoys thirteen years of success. 

Our three sustainable impact fields

Equity investments with ethical, social and ecological goals in line with the principles of economic investing.

Capital Allocation

Our selection of listed equity investments is based exclusively on social and ecological criteria. The ethical nature of investment decisions is considered by an independent expert advisory board, which selects suitable constituents.


Dialogue and engagement are established with all the companies in our fund. By actively exercising shareholder rights, Ethius Invest pursues a versatile Impact strategy, with the objective of reinforcing shareholder democracy and promoting awareness of sustainability in corporate practice.

Direct Impact

Investments in genuine programmes and projects are financed by a percentage of our own turnover and carried out by the Ethius Foundation at the Arco Foundation. Investing decisions for charitable projects are made by the Ethius Foundation Advisory Board.


Ethius Invest is a competence centre for sustainable finance. We create a bridge between the financial markets and
social entrepreneurship.

Luisa Lange, Sustainability Management, Ethius Invest

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