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SfC welcomes Ethius Invest as new member

Florence - Lucerne, 20 October 2021

Ethius Invest, based in Lucerne, Switzerland, has joined the European network for shareholder engagement SfC - Shareholders for Change today. The network, that was created in December 2017, has now 13 members with more than € 25bn assets under management (AUM).

Ethius Invest is an independent asset management company, founded in 2018 and completely dedicated to socially responsible investments.

“Entering the SfC network is a natural step for us: sustainable investing is part of our DNA, as well as the active engagement with companies and relevant stakeholders," explains Julius van Sambeck, managing director and co-founder of Ethius Invest. ”Since the very beginning of our activity, we engage companies according to a set of environmental, social and governance guidelines. We are confident that SfC will give us the opportunity to further develop our dialogue with corporations but also with proxy advisors and ESG research providers."

“By welcoming Ethius Invest, SfC confirms its focus on small-medium value-based European investors,” adds Aurélie Baudhuin, president of Shareholders for Change. “In our upcoming winter meeting, that will be held in Paris on 2-3 December, we will officially introduce Ethius to all members and share our projects for the 2022 AGM season.”

Alongside the continuation of the "Say on climate" dialogue, started in 2021, SfC will be active in the second phase of engagement on the supply chain of rare metals and the launch of a new project on the capital allocation of companies during the Covid-19 pandemic emergency.

About Ethius Invest

Ethius Invest Schweiz GmbH was founded in 2018 as a sustainable and value-oriented asset management company in Lucerne, Switzerland. The company was set up by responsible investors with the aim of driving sustainable change in the financial industry while generating attractive returns for retail and institutional clients in the market.

The Ethius Global Impact mutual fund was launched in March 2021 and has currently ca. €10m AUM. The fund invests in companies belonging to the Global Challenges Index (GCX).

About SfC - Shareholders for Change

SfC – Shareholders for Change is a European network for shareholder engagement dedicated to institutional investors.

It was launched on 6 December 2017 and has 13 members:

Alternative Bank Schweiz (ABS, Switzerland)

Bank für Kirche und Caritas eG (BKC, Germany)

Ecofi Investissements, Groupe Crédit Coopératif (France)

Ethos Foundation (Switzerland)

Ethius Invest (Switzerland)

Etica Sgr, Gruppo Banca Etica (Italy)

fair-finance Vorsorgekasse (Austria)

Fondazione Finanza Etica (FFE, Italy)

Forma Futura Invest (Switzerland)

Friends Provident Foundation (UK)

Fundación Finanzas Eticas (Spain)

Meeschaert Asset Management (France)

Sanso Investment Solutions (France)

The Shareholders for Change network represents a total of over €25bn AUM and is involved in active engagement mainly with European corporations. The network's first goal is to organise collaborative participation in European companies' Annual General Meetings (AGMs) as well as coordinated voting or submission of questions to their boards and managements related to issues such as:

- workers' rights and human rights;

- fiscal practices and tax justice;

- CO2 emissions and climate change.


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